A new Emcee this year! The always entertaining…Joe Leary!

Posted: August 9, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Joe Leary will be one of the Emcees at the 2nd Annual Gastown Blues & Chili Fest!

Last week we announced that the fabulous Dawn Chubai was coming back as our Emcee for the Gastown Blues & Chili Fest! And now we’re super excited to announce that she will be followed by another awesome Vancouver talent…the always entertaining Joe Leary will be taking the “late shift” for the day! Joe is a freelance writer and TEAM 1040 Radio sports broadcaster and host, following his role as a longtime TV weather anchor and Breakfast Television presenter and co-host, during his many years and numerous jobs in the local media scene.

Joe currently writes feature sports profiles for the BC Lions, files a weekly music interview for 24 HRS Newspaper, contributes ‘The Hot Sheet’ page for Vancouver View Magazine (www.thehotsheet.net), as well as his weekly ‘Joe Biz Blog’ and various musings for TV WEEK Magazine’s online edition (www.tvweekonline.ca)

In between these and various and sundry other writing assignments, Joe can be heard in several capacities around the radio dial.

And not to worry Joe…although you’ve changed duties from Judge to Emcee this year, we’ll be sure you get to sample all of the fabulous Chilis that are on hand!

Make sure you save the date: Sunday, September 19th for the 2nd Annual Gastown Blues and Chili Fest!

See you there.


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